For over 30 years, Joy and Ned Robinson-Lynch and associates have assisted human service agencies in improving services by providing professional development programs, client centered approaches, organizational development, executive coaching, focused technical assistance, and more.

Areas of expertise:

Sexual Health

Public Health

Oral Health

Mental Health

School Health

Consultation on:

Program development

Team building

Board development

Fund raising

Grant writing

Examples of consultation include:

Over several years, we helped three different large family planning programs to integrate a client-centered counseling approach, not only in patient services, but in the operation of each individual clinic site, as well


We have worked with over 15 local school districts  and their community agencies to integrate health education and health services into school programs.


We provided multi- session professional development for staff in all New York state WIC offices to teach the skills of Motivational Interviewing as applied to supporting healthy nutrition for clients.  Trained the local managers to use MI to support staff.


We supported managers and staff of human service agencies to work together  design program changes that could continue to address client needs in the face of budget cuts.

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